Valid API - Order

Description  Base Small Medium Large Demo
Address validation
Street address divided into separate parts: street, number, letter, extra info etc.
Additional status messages
Each address gets supplemented by county, municipality and parish
Geocode address
Number of address verification requests included None 1 000 st 6 000 st 20 000 st None
Number of autocomplete requests included None 12 500 st 75 000 st 250 000 st None
Number of geocode requests included None None None None None
Monthly fee None500 SEK1 500 SEK4 000 SEKNone
Cost/address verification 0.30 SEK 0.30 SEK 0.27 SEK 0.25 SEK None
Cost/autocomplete request 0.05 SEK 0.04 SEK 0.03 SEK 0.02 SEK None
Cost/geocode request 0.45 SEK 0.45 SEK 0.40 SEK 0.36 SEK None

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